SynBurst Protector

Protecting your network through content filtering and Intrusion Prevention
(Powered by Mikrotik)


With SynBurst Protector each connection that comes into or leaves your Network is analysed and categorised. Equally as important, the Protector examines traffic patterns, looking for anything out of the ordinary.

Any traffic and/or connections behaving strangely are immediately added to the “Security Risk” category and blocked.


The SynBurst Protector Content filter provides clean, safe Internet by using DNS and Firewall based Content Filtering. This combination ensures that the Content Filter is difficult to circumvent.

We do not rely on existing databases to ensure that content is always classified and categorised correctly. We have our own crawlers that are constantly crawling the web looking for new sites to add to our already extensive database.


The SynBurst Protector provides the tools to shape your bandwidth so that streaming services, updates and other bandwidth-intensive applications are able to function without latency, while not negatively impacting business-critical applications that require responsive connectivity, even during times of line saturation.

The amount of bandwidth these streaming services utilise is significant and cause the Internet to become saturated. If left unmanaged they can create huge latency for other Internet-related activities.


The SynBurst Protector Reporting Module provides the visibility necessary to ensure your Internet traffic is being used as you intended. It is impossible to manage what you can’t see. Our Dashboards & Reports gives you complete visibility of your Internet traffic. Our reports are user friendly and easy to understand.

Our reports show you exactly which device on your network is visiting which website, when and for how long. You can use them to measure your quality of service ensuring that you are getting the bandwidth you are paying for.

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