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Private Cloud

The SynBurst Private Cloud Product is driven by VMWARE as its management platform providing a dedicated link to your private resources. Direct Cross-Connects provides you with direct access to your resources as if they were held within your network.
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NetBox DCIM Hosting

We host, support and provide training on Netbox, an open-source DCIM web tool used to document critical components of any infrastructure. Defined as a requirement for network and infrastructure management, there is no reason not to use it.
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Router Management

Lets us manage your router endpoints (CE/CPE) so that you may concentrate on your core network and business support operations. We provide all the required components to complete the CE solution for your customers by providing hardware, configuration, support and monitoring as key components of our turnkey solution.
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Voice Solutions

Effective communication is key to the success of any organisation. We have partnered with a trusted tier 1 voice provider to offer our customers a comprehensive set of voice products and tools. Great rates and support are key!
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SynBurst Protector

The SynBurst Protector is a powerful Internet Management Solution. It offers advanced Content Filtering, Security and IDS/IPS, Reports, Dahsboards & Traffic-flow Analysis, and Saturation Management.
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Our Services

Domain Registration

We offer the ability to register a domain from a number of TLD registrators. ie .COM, .ORG, .NET

Network and Voice Hardware

We are able to offer network hardware from various suppliers within South Africa.

Website Hosting (WordPress)

Fire up your website with your new domain on a wordpress site. If you need help developing it, we have some partners we can refer you to who know their stuff!

Domain Hosting

With registration, we include domain hosting with record management.

Device and Mikrotik OS Branding

Are you looking for custom device stickers such as polycarbinate face plates or business logos? We are also able to brand your Mikrotik Router OS.

Mikrotik Consulting

We offer high level consulting services for Miktotik deployments. We are listed as an approved Mikrotik consultant within South Africa.
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