SynBurst is a dynamic team focused on delivering on our company motto, COMPLEX. SIMPLIFIED. We found that through our combined experience of more than 25 years in the ICT and telecommunication industries that there is a need for skilled resources to provide solutions that are both simple and reliable. Smaller businesses allow for a more personal approach and we believe that this is an advantage in the current industry landscape. Through direct customer relationships and friendships, it is more efficient in reaching the goal of delivering the right solution.

Founded in 2002, SynBurst has been in operation offering various products and solutions. Recently we have realigned our focus and decided to relaunch with 2 spheres of products. One sphere provides customers with connectivity, voice and security offerings, while the second sphere is focused on a key weakness in the industry, Network Management, and Monitoring. SME focused, being an SME, we are all in it together for the long term. If you have any products you see we may be missing, you are more than welcome to get in touch and let us see how we could help.